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    You're looking for support on Environment, Occupational Health and Safety. We can offer you that. You're not only getting a reliable interlocutor but also the answer to your question.

    The consultants who work for Compas enjoy the work and their working environment. This is for a good reason. The expertise, team spirit and the humor make our team an enjoyable group of people. With joy we share our expertise with you. The first interview is always free, but never for nothing.

    Project management

    With their expertise, experience and background, the Compas project managers have what it takes to bring a complex project to a successful completion. The multidisciplinary team join hands and put their shoulders into it.

    This means you get an expert and efficient project initiation in which we make and follow agreements. If desired, the Compas project manager will do the job in house on a interim bases.

    Think first, act later

    The Compas consultants and project managers make an efficient inventory of the question within your organization. This doesn't have to take long, we have done it before. Together we go through the sticking points and look for answers on challenging questions. We have very diverse employees who can approach the issue in many different ways.

    This means a fresh approach on your questions. By talking to all people concerned, the Compas employees will form a complete picture. We know the right way and are informed on the most recent developments. We will quickly come to a resolute action plan.


    We're very proud to let you know that the way of working at Compas has lead to the certificate At Compas we are proud of our ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Our work is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

    With this we as Compas guarantee to work according to the ISO 9001:2008 demands and the way Compas handles quality policy.